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What, are you crazy? There's no porn here. This is a family site!

It began on a steamy-hot July day in Florida while I was home recovering from a case of bad sushi. (Never purchase supermarket sushi, okay? No matter how well presented it may be. Disregard the the cute little boxes all lined up in a row with rice and spinachy-good looking garnishes. It's adorable, but bad very bad. Trust my colon on this one.) 

Between bathroom breaks, I logged into the Internet to check on the new season of Big Brother. Initially uncertain about the names of this season's contestants, I began referring to the only one I found interesting, the now familiar Jack Owens, as "The FBI Guy". I became immediately enamored of the name and within 15 minutes registered it in order to amuse my fellow chat buddies. 

This is significant only insofar as it indicates my complete lack of   affiliation with Special Agent Jack Owens, his relatives, friends, or his subsidiaries (well, except for a few nice e-mails from his wife, daughter and nephew). As much as I would like to say I have shared many an X-file with our hero,  I do not know him, nor can I get a message from you TO him while he's inside the BB house or the Jury house. 

However, if you are nice and don't mock me too harshly, I will be happy to forward any message you have for Jack to his family. (Provided it's a pleasant message, mind you.) 

You are also encouraged to praise my husband's web design of this site and, of course, praise ME lavishly for creating this wonderful place of wonder that we can all just enjoy for ever and ever. Because, even though some say that this season of Big Brother is duller than the rest, and I would have to confess that it might have been more interesting if they had sent Agent Owens in armed, nevertheless it has been a great honor and privilege to create and run this site and constantly send the entire Internet in to a state of panic every time I issue a Code Blue.  Over and out.


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