FBI Guy Surveillance

07.25.03 - Ongoing
07.10.03 - 07.24.03



"Ali, we will avenge what happened here."

Jack, it's okay to smile. Really.

"We must translate our resolve into victory."


I'm sorry, Jack. This sort of thing was requested by the ladies.


I'm certain you won't be pleased.


You knew there were cameras everywhere, right?


I'm not admiring teens in vegetable bikinis. No! 
I'm smiling at the absurdity of the situation.


I will control you with my mind.


Jack, she's lying. You know that, right?


Don't believe her!


Jack and Erica aka Roller Derby Girl


Jack, this is the only houseguest you can trust.


Special Agent Owens at your service.


His best Peter Tork impersonation.


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