July 13, 2003

Dear Jack,

Between getting peed on by a turtle and maintaining a sense of decorum after Scott flipped his lid, you've had a heck of a weekend, sir. Along with everything else, it appears you have no idea what Nathan is up to. Using Alison, he's got you, Erica and David ready to go after Rob and Justin, leaving him and his harem unscathed. Please don't let this weenie's plan succeed!

And please wash your hands after using the bathroom (and after handling the turtles). You send the internet chat rooms into a tizzy each time you fail to do this. Don't make me sic Henry the Hand on you.


P.S. You keep quoting that Pulp Fiction line, but you never spill. So what are you--an Elvis person or a Beatles person? I imagine you were initially a Beatles person, but as your musical tastes became more sophisticated, you began to deeply appreciate early Elvis and the music that came out of his Sun Studio days. (At least I hope so. If you're just going to say, "Go Ringo," don't bother answering that question.)


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