July 19, 2003

Dear Jack,

Forgive me! I've hardly watched the feeds all week and I feel like a total fraud in the "People Who Make Big Brother House-Guest Fan Sites" arena. A quick check shows others provide elaborate usage of HTML, frequent update and analysis on strategy and bathroom habits, or an obsessive preoccupation with their selected House Guest of Affection (HGA). These qualities apparently make up a successful fansite. I clearly don't know what I'm doing.

I apologize in advance for being so lame and I promise to try do better by you in the future. The number of FBI Guy fans grow by the day and I receive email from many of them. It's clear you deserve a site run by someone who is both dedicated to not only you, but to your success on Big Brother 4, and who isn't distracted by the every day details of their own small lives. 

For example, I understand I need to stop being preoccupied  with evaluating whether or not I should bear children, determining if being an editor of medical journals is a satisfying career or should I move into traditional publishing, and deciding whether I should have drinks with E, G and the rest of those guys on Friday or blow them off for a quiet dinner with H.

The minutiae of real life doesn't appear to bother the real BB4 fans I've uncovered and I strive to not let it come between me, you, a spooky website and a restraining order!



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