July 28, 2003

Dear Jack,

I just heard you talking to Erika, telling her it was okay to vote you out. Are you out of your everlovin' Secret Agent mind? It is  NOT okay for her to vote you out. It's not even okay to entertain such a conversation! Over the last few weeks your compassionate nature has become evident, but compassion is not going to win you this game--not with this crowd.

If you believe in psychic powers, I've just sent you a powerful telepathic message: DAVE SOLD YOU OUT!

He walked right into the HOH and made the case against you. Thank god Jun doesn't trust him. If you can believe this, she is your only hope right now for remaining in the house. Jun is intent on removing Dave, but Dana and Justin are waffling back and forth. 

Your mission is imperative, FBI Guy. Stay in the house. At all costs. Do you read me?  I will be unable to continue watching this houseful of halfwits if you're not in it.


P.S. Of course I meant they were halfwits, not you, sir.


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