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Why Jack Lost
Goodbye to Manners and Grace
Ex-FBI Guy Departs Big Brother


Jack Gets Sacked!
Erika or Jack, Who Should Be Voted Out?


BB4 HOH Jee Choe Nominates Jack Owens Jr. and Erica Landin for Eviction


Eric Ouellette of Big Brother 3 says, "Jack is another one of my favorites. The man is obviously very smart and dedicated to a cause when he wants to be.  Reading people is what he does and that's just what this game requires."
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Nicole Nilson of Big Brother 2 says, "Who do I like right now?  Jack is my favorite guy..."
Read her Friday commentaries of BB4.

Josh Souza of Big Brother agrees with Jack's assessment of David as a mental ass-kicker. He hasn't picked Jack as his favorite yet. But he will.
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Retired G-man tackles reality TV
Read the article by Robin Clemow of the Birmingham Post-Herald.

"The first episode of BB4: The X Factor is in the books and if J. Edgar Hoover were still alive (hey, did anyone actually see the body?) one would have the distinct suspicion that the U.S. government has gotten to Arnold and the gang."
Read the article posted by Winston Smith of Joker's Updates.

Did you know our FBI Guy was a writer? I think you did not! He writes fiction and nonfiction about the FBI, naturally.

Read a review of Jack's story and hunt it down; Pock.

Jack Owens on why the FBI isn't hiring black women; Article written for the Atlantic Monthly.

Jack Owens responds to reader comments; in a subsequent issue of the Atlantic Monthly.

Hollow Journey, by Jack Owens; A trip back to his childhood home in a West Virginia coal camp reconnects a newly retired FBI agent with his roots.



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